Sunday, March 9, 2008

Basic Web Elements | Increse Your Web SEO Today

The following are some of the golden rules for applying the best on site optimization methods kicking around today. You need to understand how your website is viewed from a search engines point of view and as Google is currently top of the tree for providing this service it's best to aim for what they are looking for or how they do things in terms of judging a web page.

You must put your most important keyword in the h1 tag section this also needs to be located as far towards the top of the page as possible. This is done because the search engine Google reads a web page it reads it from the top left hand side to the bottom right hand side of the page.The best strategy is to put your h1 header tag would be the following example for the term "left handed widgets" the html code would look like this.

"Left Handed Widgets"

You would change the wording to be the main keyword for your webpage but you get the idea. You also need to add more tags these are h2 tags these are to contain your second most important keywords. These also need to be located in the top section of your web page. Once you have put your h2 tags on the page it's time to get your content written.

The main criteria for making a good website is down to creating something new and unique relevant to the main h1 and h2 keyword tags on your website. To do this it always best to go and get either the latest information on that subject and read up and assess whether other people would be interested in knowing about that as well as importantly adding your own comment on the subject.

Just grabbing content from article sites just does not cut it anymore it is important that you put some unique input into your website. You can still use article content but add a preface to the article hand written by yourself describing that you came across this article. Set it off with something like this I found this article on "left Handed Widgets" the other day and was amazed to find that due to a new break through its now possible to do x, y or z.

This gives the viewer that you are interested in that article and you're adding to it in a constructive manner. You may also add a conclusion section to the article pointing out how that has swayed my decision on using "left handed Widgets" this way you have added to the top and bottom of the article thus creating to the search engine unique content pattern and therefore a friendlier web page for the user.

Try to add pictures and advertising scattered through the article as this breaks up the page better and gives a longer web page. By adding pictures you can name the pictures as the same as your keywords for h1 tags or h2 tags this is another example of on page web optimization and will need to be used if you are considering making use of article content.

When your web page is finished check that you have a good sprinkling of your keywords within your page don't overdo it just keep it around the 2 - 4 % level within your page as this is a good way to make your page relevant and if you are using AdSense then it gives the script the right subject to produce adverts for your site all the best with your website development.

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